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Bouquet of Hydrangeas 

Introducing "Emotion," a breathtaking bouquet of fresh hydrangeas that captures the essence of sentiment in every bloom. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of emotions with this exquisite arrangement, where the delicate petals of antique green hydrangeas come together in perfect harmony.

"Emotion" is not just a bouquet; it's a visual symphony, a testament to the beauty found in the varied hues of heartfelt emotions. Our skilled florists carefully select and arrange each hydrangea, ensuring a captivating blend that reflects the unique emotions of the moment. The colors dance together in an eloquent expression of joy, love, serenity, and purity.

Whether adorning a special event or serving as a thoughtful gift, "Emotion" is a versatile bouquet that transcends occasions. Let the rich and varied tones of these fresh hydrangeas evoke the emotions that matter most to you. With "Emotion," celebrate life's moments in a burst of natural beauty, carefully curated by our expert florists.

It's available in two sizes*, Executive (Pictured) or Regal made even bigger and full of more blooms for a simply astounding display.

* Note during peak times, this will be available in the size pictured only.

Substitution Policy: Every effort is made to ensure we replicate the product as close to the picture as possible, including flower varieties and colour selections. Due to seasonal and product availability, there may be occasions where substitution of flower or container may be required. The overall look and colour scheme of the arrangement is our priority and all substitutions are of the same or higher value and suitability. Only in circumstances where the contents vary dramatically will the customer be notified beforehand. For more information about our deliveries, please click here.