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Jades is a firm favourite with customers. Full of beauty and fragrance, it commands your attention, standing tall and proud when entering the room.

The perfect gift, that will take your breath away and provides plenty of Wow Factor!

An abundance of beautiful roses, cluster roses, either stock or snapdragons, a selection of carefully selected premium foliage and comes stylishly presented in a premium glass vase. There’s no wrapping, looking for a vase or anything else, it's ready to go as is!

Available in 3 sizes.

Studio: 10 Roses pink and white, 3 stems pink/purple clustar roses, 3 white snapdragon and lush foliage, made up presented in a med-large glass vase

Executive: 15 Roses pink and white, 4 stems pink clustar roses, 4 of white snapdragon, and a lush foliage, made up presented in a large glass vase

Regal: 20 Roses in pink and white, 5 stems pink clustar roses, 5 white snapdragon and a lush foliage, made up presented in an extra large glass vase

If you top up with fresh clean water every couple of days, then once a week empty the vase completely, clean, and refill with fresh water, it will always extend the life of your beautiful flowers

Substitution Policy: Every effort is made to ensure we replicate the product as close to the picture as possible, including flower varieties and colour selections. Due to seasonal and product availability, there may be occasions where substitution of flower or container may be required. The overall look and colour scheme of the arrangement is our priority and all substitutions are of the same or higher value and suitability. Only in circumstances where the contents vary dramatically will the customer be notified beforehand. For more information about our deliveries, please click here.