Top 5 Flowers for Mourning

Published: Wednesday 4 January 2023

When it comes to showing our respects during times of mourning, flowers are often seen as the go-to gesture. They help create an atmosphere of solace and can be a source of comfort for those grieving. But with so many different types of flowers out there, which ones are the best for expressing condolences? Here are our top 5 picks for the best flowers for mourning;

Top 5 Flowers for Mourning

Red Roses

When it comes to expressing sympathy and sorrow, red roses are a timeless classic. This beautiful flower is associated with love, which makes them a popular choice for those mourning the passing of a loved one. The deep red hue of this flower symbolises passion, devotion, respect and admiration; all sentiments that can help bring comfort to a grieving family member.

White Roses

White roses are another great choice for expressing condolences. These flowers symbolise innocence and purity — often used to represent the life and spirit of the deceased. Whether you choose to send a white rose bouquet or add them to an existing arrangement, white roses can help convey your heartfelt sympathy and support during a difficult time.

White Carnations

White carnations are another popular flower for mourning occasions. They represent innocence, remembrance and undying love — sentiments that can help comfort a grieving family. White carnations are often used in funeral wreaths, bouquets and other arrangements, making them a great choice for those saying their final farewells.

Yellow Roses

The cheerful hue of this flower can symbolise hope and optimism — two emotions that can often be hard to come by during times of mourning. With their sunny petals, yellow roses are seen as a sign of encouragement and support for those who have lost a loved one, making them great choices for expressing sympathy.

Pink Carnations

Finally, pink carnations are another popular choice for mourning occasions. These flowers are said to embody a parent’s love and selflessness. As such, they are often used in memorial services to remember and honour a parent who has passed away.

We’re Here for You!

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