Top 5 Wedding Flower Arrangements

Published: Sunday 2 April 2023

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding ceremony. From the bridal bouquet to the church and venue flowers, they create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere that makes the day more memorable. Choosing the perfect floral arrangements for a wedding can be overwhelming, but in this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 most popular flower arrangements for weddings.

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important flower arrangements in a wedding. It’s the centrepiece of the bride's attire and often sets the tone for the rest of the wedding flowers. The bouquet typically consists of a combination of flowers and greenery, tied off with ribbons. It can range from simple and elegant to large and elaborate. Popular flowers used for the bridal bouquet are roses, peonies, and lilies.

Centrepieces/Venue Flowers

Centrepieces are an important part of wedding decor and can vary in size and style used to decorate the tables, the entrance, and the dance floor. They can range from simple arrangements of flowers in vases to more elaborate arrangements that incorporate other elements such as candles, crystals, or branches. The key is to choose a centrepiece that complements the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

Church/Aisle Flowers

The church flowers are an important part of the wedding ceremony. These flowers can be used to create a beautiful walkway for the bride and groom, decorate the altar, pews, and the entrance of the church. They can be simple arrangements of flowers or more elaborate designs that incorporate elements such as candles or lanterns. Whatever the design, the church/aisle flowers should follow the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The bridesmaid’s bouquet should complement the bride's but not overpower it. They can be smaller versions of the bride's bouquet or a different arrangement altogether. Similar to the bridal bouquet some of the more popular flowers used for the bridesmaid’s bouquet are roses, peonies, and lilies.

Buttonholes & Corsages

Buttonholes, also known as Boutonnieres, are small flower arrangements worn by the groom, groomsmen, and other male members of the wedding party, in some cases other male members of the family may also wear them. They are typically made with a single flower that matches those used in the bridal/bridesmaid’s bouquets and they are pinned/attached to the lapel of a suit jacket or tuxedo.

The Corsage is similar to Buttonholes but is worn by female members of the wedding party such as the mums, grandmother/s and alike. They are typically made with a small cluster of flowers and are worn on the wrist or pinned to the dress.


In summary, flowers or floral arrangements, are an essential part of the wedding ceremony, they play a significant role in weddings, they are a symbol of love and purity, a beautiful aesthetic addition, a nod to tradition, a way to personalize the event, an emotionally meaningful touch, and a way to decorate the wedding venue.

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