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Christmas Bush
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Xmas Bush

Christmas Bush has been enjoyed as a garden plant and sold as a cut flower in Sydney for over a century, they were originally picked from the bush or from garden-grown plants.

Plantation production for cut flowers began as early as 1912, but it was only in the 1990s that large plantations were set up.

The contrast of green foliage with bright red flowers, which are produced around December, is what gives Christmas Bush its name and makes them ideal for use in Christmas flower arrangements

When cut, their pretty scarlet blooms are surprisingly long lasting – up to three weeks

When you purchase or cut the Christmas Bush, (if not already in a vase with water) ensure you trim the stems at an angle with sharp, clean pruning shears before placing them in water. This helps the stems absorb water more effectively. A clean, fresh cut at the base of the stems once a week will best assist with water uptake.

Check the level daily and replenish it as needed to keep the stems hydrated.
Change the water in the vase every couple of days to prevent the growth of bacteria and to ensure the Christmas Bush has access to clean water and a clean vase or container.

Keep the Christmas Bush in a cool part of the home. Cooler temperatures will slow down the drying process and help the plant stay fresh longer.

If the air in your home tends to be very dry, consider using a humidifier to maintain moisture around the Christmas Bush.

Display the Christmas Bush away from drafts, as well as direct heat sources, such as direct sunlight, radiators, and heating vents. Exposure to heat can cause the foliage to dry and wilt more quickly.

Mist the foliage with water regularly to provide additional humidity and keep the leaves looking fresh.

Remember that the specific care requirements can vary based on the exact conditions of your home and the specific needs of the Christmas Bush. Observing the plant regularly and adjusting care accordingly will help keep it looking its best.

Our vase full of Christmas Bush is an annual favourite and back while stocks last!!

It’s available in one size Regal (large), we use 3 full market bunches of Christmas Bush beautifully presented in our signature hessian wrapped large glass vase (15cm x 25cm), proudly standing at 60cm tall and 50cm wide this arrangement will definitey set the scene for your Christmas day celebrations!!

It can also be purchased as a 'market' bunch (in-store only) or as a 'gift wrapped bouquet' over the phone 9620 1400 or in-store Only.

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Substitution Policy: Every effort is made to ensure we replicate the product as close to the picture as possible, including flower varieties and colour selections. Due to seasonal and product availability, there may be occasions where substitution of flower or container may be required. The overall look and colour scheme of the arrangement is our priority and all substitutions are of the same or higher value and suitability. Only in circumstances where the contents vary dramatically will the customer be notified beforehand. For more information about our deliveries, please click here.